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Remembering Lynda Beattie Tannen


“In the last 13 years I was married to the love of my life. She passed away in Oct. of last year.

Her presence in my life turned me from an artist of browns, black and dark blues to exciting reds, yellows, light greens and sky blue hues. The moods were energized, the compositions more daring and filled with fresh ideas. I have been dwelling in happiness and fun as my motivation.”

Herb Tannen      


From The Malibu Times, October 22, 2009

Dear Malibu,
My deepest sympathies.

Last week you lost one of your most amazing citizens. Lynda Beattie Tannen passed away from an apparent heart attack after a brave battle with breast cancer.

Her abilities could fill this whole paper. She was truly "the Renaissance woman"! She acted, sculpted, painted, designed jewelry, sewed and sang. She was a gourmet cook, a graphic artist, a world class photographer. She created a paradise room for her baby granddaughter with detailed muraled walls and a cloud filled ceiling. Her love of animals was unparalleled.

The words, " no," or "I can't figure this out," or "I'm sorry, I don't have time to help you," were not in her vocabulary. She was a poster child for possibilities. All this woman ever did was SHARE, Herself, her time, her possessions, and her knowledge. She shaped a world where everyone she loved fit perfectly.

The echoing disbelief of her passing was thunderous. Her memorial mushroomed to over 100 people in 20 minutes. Instantaneously, upon the news of her passing, their home swelled with flowers, food, family and friends. Now we are all walking wounded, wondering how life goes on without our axis.

She loved Malibu. She worshipped and treasured her husband, Herb. She adored her mother, Lee, her father, Herb and sister, Laura in that old-fashioned family style of devotion and dedication. Her daughter, Allison, step-son, Mitch, daughter-in-law, Jackie and granddaughter, Natalie, were the light of her life.

Lynda called my beloved Aunt Betty, her California mother and treated her as such. She was the illustrator of my children's book and the editor of my novel. She taught me compassion, truth and made me laugh every day. She was the real deal. An authentic, genuine, trust-worthy best friend... I should know, because she was mine.


Chrissy Orloff


As a young TV commercial director in New York, my company only sent me out on jobs for which they were sure I could not screw up— these were "formula" type commercials where I would be surrounded by only the best crews and most solid actors. This is where I first met Lynda Beattie. She was amongst a handful of actors that Proctor and Gamble regarded as their absolute best on-camera representatives. Lynda was an American beauty with the intelligence, wit, and energy that the TV watchers could only aspire to.

In the several years that followed, I was privileged to "direct" Linda (as if she needed it) in a number of spots, and met her in countless more casting sessions, where she was alway a final call-back. Somewhere along the line, she went West and I went into Children's TV. Twenty years or so passed during which my wife and I relocated to Hollywood. One night I re-met her at a dinner party with her husband, Herb Tannen. She was as lovely, multi-talented, and dynamic as ever. In the years that followed we all became close friends and business associates. We all mourn her loss greatly.

—Ron Finley   

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