"Every time I pass one of Herb Tannen's canvases I take a peek into my subconscious ... a mesmerizing dreamscape of things familiar, yet just out of reach. Much like the films of David Lynch and David Cronenberg, you immediately accept what Herb has created yet the effect is never predictable. Sometimes there is an instant connection yet sometimes it hits you later when you are no longer looking. It haunts you. Sometimes you look right through his work, not even seeing what is in front of your eyes. It has gone straight to your psyche. His style is always pleasing, sometimes humorous, sometimes dark and every now and then there is a shock of hot pink that slaps you to your senses. I am very glad to own one of his most mysterious pieces which my guests often think is new, even though they have seen it many times."

- Todd Hughes       

"I've been to several Herb Tannen art shows and each time I have been inspired by his work and its evolution over the years. At each show I have purchased one or two of his paintings I am most affected by. My staff shares my opinion and we have moved our conference table into the room that displays most of his work - our "Herb Tannen Room" that is enjoyed by all! I treasure these pieces."

- Rosanne Covy       

"The first time I saw Herb Tannen's painting, 'Triad," I knew I had to have it. It has a "noir" feel that's really very unusual and intriguing. When I stop and take it in, I often discover new thoughts and emotions that it evokes in me. And finding the "hidden face" is always a real conversation starter with my guests. I simply love 'Triad' and feel privileged to own it and display it."

- Foster Brashear       

"Herb Tannen is one of those artists who's passion to create is unstoppable. His determination to express himself on canvas makes him a consummate contributor to the world of top quality art.His sculptures show the perfect artistic transformations from one medium to another. They beg you to observe, redefine and witness their simple beauty. His themes are dramatic, expressive and come straight from his heart. He keeps his personal point of view on each piece to himself and allows, almost demands, people use their own responses and emotions when considering his work.I own two of his pieces and regard them poignant high points of my collection. I sincerely ask you to take a look at his work and experience them for yourself."

- Chrissy Abbott Orloff       


We are fortunate to have two Herb Tannen works in our home. They are remarkable, thought provoking pieces of art that not only decorate our walls, but also produce many moments of stimulating conversation."

- Steve & Mary Riva       


"Herb Tannen's honesty and spirit leap into his art. Like ascending a mountain, the higher one climbs, the longer one spends in the presence of his creation, the closer one is to the summit's best view."

- Rosalie Skaff       


"I have been a supporter and collector of Herb Tannen's art for several years. Herb's natural ability to work with mixed media in expressing his sense of design and humor has fascinated me. His broad range of aesthetic from surreal to almost representative renderings is impressive and. I believe very collectable. I am a graduate of Otis Art Institute. As one who is well educated in art and art history, I believe Herb has truly touched the inner connectivity of all life. He has the ability to transform that knowledge into a work of fine art."

- Robert Seltzer       


"I acquired 'Dancing Man' when I was downsizing my life and moving from a large to a small house. He became a sole piece of art in a high ceiling loft-like living room with lots of light and, for more than ten years, 'Dancing Man' lifted my spirits, presided over conversations and kept me safe beneath his wings. I moved a couple years ago and he came with me. This time his joyful presence keeps me company while I exercise in a room of mirrors."

- Jane Alexander Stewart       


"Whenever I see a painting by Herb Tannen, I can usually find a part of my inner life, sometime in my life."

- John Font       


"After seeing Herb Tannen's "Mountains of Glory" in the Las Vegas Art Museum, I was delighted to have it hanging in my living room. Everyday I see it and feel a peaceful calm emanating from its shapes and colors. This is a wonderful way to start the day and an even better welcome home after a hectic day in New York City."

- Laura Beattie       


"'The Ladder' is going to be the center of my Hollywood art gallery"

- Boyd Willet       


"I realize now that I have two poets in my life ... my wife's through her words and yours through your art. Keep up the great work, We are honored to have your work in our home and discuss it often with friends."

- Roy Skaff       


I have known Herb for nearly fifty years. (My God is he that old?) No but I am. A few years ago I purchased a painting from him called "Cave Dancers". It resides on the wall behind my bed. My cave, if you will. I would like to say it has inspired me to dance, but I'm too old to dance. I would just fall down, and I would unfairly blame that lovely painting. However its an exciting painting to look at when I retire. Retire meaning "go to bed". I'm already retired. Herb has done many many paintings...far more that I could afford. He is a brillant painter. I would like to have them all. I guess I will just have to be happy with what is my cave.

- Dave Madden       


Herb, your new work on the card you sent looks really fabulous! I'm proud to have recognize your genius when I did.

- James Mann       


I have been an avid collector of Herb Tannen's art for over ten years. I have five of his wonderful paintings. His diversification of subject matter fasinates me. One, in particular, is a portrait of a 1920's German era flapper, that I call Aunt Esther and who I talk to every day. If I had more walls I would have more Tannen's.

-Russi Taylor      

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